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Microwave Network

Zanlink has established an extensive Microwave Wide Area Network (WAN). The WAN covers all districts in both Zanzibar and Pemba Island providing connectivity to our clients in remote areas as well as areas not yet covered by our fiber optic network.

The WAN is deployed using microwave technology operating on frequencies ranging between 2.4GHZ and 5.7 GHZ. We deploy various last mile solutions on this WAN to get the service to the clients:

  • Motorola Canopy: World’s leading Manufacturer in Communication Devices the latest Technology in Wireless Communication. It‘s simple to install and troubleshoot features as well as the ability to provide high throughput

  • Nano stations: Nano Station provides a breakthrough in cost, reliability, performance and features up to 10km of range performance, 25+Mbps of throughput performance, with the powerful, intuitive interface. Nano station is the latest innovation in broadband wireless CPE technology ideally suitable for residential and small business solutions.

  • WiMax Technology: Zanlink was recently granted 3.5GHZ licensed frequency spectrum and has started building an extensive WiMax network - the first in Zanzibar. With the WiMax technology our clients can now enjoy much stable network connectivity without any interference problems.

With more than 25 base stations covering all districts of both Islands, our microwave network currently serves more than 600 clients.